Pond Clearance in West Sussex

A Natural England licence was granted for a development close to a known GCN population in West Sussex. The pond on site was grossly overgrown with scrub around the banks … More

Natural England Low Impact Bat Class Licence

At this time of year, the Ecology Partnership is supervising numerous demolitions under a Natural England Low Impact Bat Licence as Principal Ecologist and Managing Director Alexia Tamblyn is now … More

Dormice found in West Sussex site

The Ecology Partnership have been monitoring a site in West Sussex for dormice by placing the dormouse tubes within the site. The site is a woodland and scrub mix, full of … More

Reptile Translocation Completed – Kent

The Ecology Partnership has completed a reptile surveys and reptile translocation at a site in Kent. The green field site, which is to be developed for housing, had a population of common … More

Our New Website!

The Ecology Partnership (formally part of the PJC group) has proudly launched its new website, www.ecologypartnership.com, showcasing its new name, corporate identity and colours. Our website provides current and new … More

Badger Sett Monitoring – East Sussex

The Ecology Partnership has been carrying out monitoring of a badger sett on a development site in East Sussex. The field is included within a proposed housing scheme and a … More