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Ecological Clerk of Works

Ecological Clerk of Works

What is a Clerk of Works?

An Ecological Clerk of Works provides a supervisory service on construction sites where ecological risks are likely to be present. In an increasing number of cases, an ECoW is required to be present on construction sites. This is to help ensure compliance with planning conditions or specific requirements under a Natural England Licence. The ECoW can advise on best construction practice with regard to ecological concerns.

The Ecology Partnership can help

The Ecology Partnership offer Ecological Clerk of Works services for a wide variety of developments and affected environments and species, including:

  • Delivery of ‘toolbox talks’ to contractors
  • On site advisory about protected species and precautionary methods of working
  • Supervision of procedures with a high ecological risk
  • Conducting of checks for at-risk habitats and species before work commences
  • Monitoring biodiversity on and around the site
  • Managing licence conditions for protected species

 As CIEEM members, our experienced ecologists benefit from the latest information and training needed to provide the most informed and up to date supervision and best practice advice during a construction project.

If you require more information with regards to Ecological Clerk of Works services or further ecological consultancy, please call us on 01372 364 133, email us or use our enquiry form.


Ecological clerk of works