Our New Website!

The Ecology Partnership (formally part of the PJC group) has proudly launched its new website, www.ecologypartnership.com, showcasing its new name, corporate identity and colours. Our website provides current and new … More

Ecological Clerk of Works

What is a Clerk of Works? An Ecological Clerk of Works provides a supervisory service on construction sites where ecological risks are likely to be present. In an increasing number … More

Ecological Mitigation

Ecological Mitigation Projects Mitigation projects involve reducing negative impact on rare and protected species and their habitats. The loss or alteration of habitats that support protected species should be kept to … More

Translocation Projects

Translocation projects involve the removal of protected species from a development site where they cannot be maintained to a new site outside the development footprint. The Ecology Partnership can help identify new … More

River Corridor Survey

River corridor survey involves assessing the ecological value of the river corridor systems, the vegetation found, the presence of non-native or invasive species, and the identification of any constraints to development. … More

Habitat Creation

Habitat creation involves protecting, enhancing and restoring habitats, which may be required as a result of protected species work or to enhance existing features of interest. This may involve the … More

Habitat Regulations Assessment

The EU Habitats Directive requires that any project which may have a significant effect (either alone or in combination with other plans or projects) on the integrity of one or … More

Ecological Impact Assessment

An Ecological Impact Assessment is the basic assessment that determines the impact that a project is likely to have on the ecology of a specific site. Ecological Impact Assessment (EcIA) … More

Expert Witness and Planning Appeals

The Ecology Partnership have provided advice on and evidence for expert witness and planning appeals of ecological consultancy. This includes: Attending conference with the inquiry team, client and counsel Preparation … More

Bat Survey

Bat Protection The requirement to undertaken bat surveys is because bats are protected by a number of pieces of legislation, both domestic and international. This is the result of the … More

Great Crested Newt Survey

Great Crested Newts The great crested newt (Triturus cristatus) is the UK’s largest newt species and is easily distinguishable from the two other native newt species by size and colouring. … More

Dormouse Survey

Dormice Protection Dormice are protected under schedule 5 of the WCA 1981 (as amended). This means they are protected from intentional or reckless disturbance, intentional or reckless obstruction of access … More

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