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Barn Owl Survey

Barn Owl Survey

Barn Owl Protection

Barn owls are afforded special protection under Schedule 1 of the Wildlife and Countryside Act (1981) and as amended. Therefore barn owls, their nests, eggs and young are fully protected in UK law. Without a licence it is an offence to deliberately disturb, capture, injure or kill a barn owl, take, damage or destroy their nest while it is being used or being built, and possess, or sell a wild barn owl.

Barn Owl Survey

Barn owl survey may be requested in relation to planning applications to re-develop buildings located in rural surroundings. A barn owl survey involves an initial desk study to obtain records of barn owls and/or nest sites for the surrounding area followed by a site visit to identify evidence of barn owl roosting or nesting, such as live or dead owls, feathers, droppings, pellets, nest debris and eggs. This will then allow an assessment to be made regarding the type and level of use of the site by barn owls. Where barn owl nest and/or roost sites are being redeveloped or destroyed, alternative nesting or roosting provision has to be provided. (Visit our Survey Calendar for suitable times for your survey to be conducted.)

Barn Owl Survey Season

For more information on suitable times for badger survey visit our Survey Calendar.

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The Ecology Partnership Can Help

The Ecology Partnership have licensed barn owl surveyors who will be able to undertake surveys and monitor owl boxes as well as advise on how developments can incorporate new opportunities for barn owls.

To discuss your barn owl survey requirements, please call us on 01372 824 205, email us or use our enquiry form below.

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