Protected Species Survey

Bird survey

Bird survey

The Ecology Partnership has undertaken numerous bird surveys, from species-specific surveys, such as barn owl surveys and farmland bird surveys, to ensure that birds and their habitat are considered within development proposals.

Bird Protection

All wild birds native to the UK (including migratory species) are protected under the Wildlife and Countryside Act 1981. Nesting and breeding birds are also protected under the Act which makes it an offence to recklessly kill, injure or take any wild birds, nests or eggs. Several birds, such as barn owls, are schedule 1 listed species, which are given further legal protection.

Bird Survey Types

Breeding bird survey

Breeding bird surveys where territorial mapping an be used to estimate the abundance and distribution of birds (usually undertaken between march to June – visit our Survey Calendar for suitable times for your survey to be conducted).

Wintering bird survey

Wintering bird surveys are conducted to determine the species composition and numbers of birds on a site which may be associated with a potentially important wintering site.

Farmland bird survey

Farmland bird surveys are undertaken if areas of farmland are to be lost to development.

Other more species surveys such as vantage point surveys which are used especially in relation to wind farm projects.

Bird Survey Season

bird survey season calendar, barn owl survey season - barn owl survey calendar

View our complete Survey Calendar for suitable times for your survey to be conducted.

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