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Protected Species Licence (EPS licenses)

Protected Species Licence (EPS licenses)

The Ecology Partnership can offer protected species licence services as our team of ecologists develop licenses for a range of European Protected Species (EPS) and development works which may impact them.

Some development and land projects may impact on European protected species (EPS) through actions which include capturing, killing, disturbing or injuring EPS, damaging or destroying a breeding or resting place or obstructing access to their resting or sheltering place. There are many reasons why projects impacting EPS may be planned – including the demolition of unsafe structures, infectious disease control and scientific research. Affected species include all species of UK bats, dormice, natterjack toads, otters, great crested newts, smooth snakes and sand lizards. Actions involving badgers are also regulated.

EPS licences allow authorities to monitor and regulate the projects undertaken and the individuals and companies carrying out the projects, with a view to mitigating negative impact on EPS and their habitats.

If you require any information on protected species and EPS licensing or further ecological consultancy, please call us on 01372 364 133, email us or use our enquiry form at the bottom of the page.