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Professionalism is key to The Ecology Partnership; our team of ecologists is made up of professional and talented individuals. We seek those who are truly passionate about ecology, with extensive knowledge and a strong background of experience in the sector.

With extremely high competition for jobs in ecology, we look for those who stand out from the rest. If you have a hard work ethic and believe you have the social skills, passion and professionalism we are looking for, you can email The Ecology Partnership at and we will let you know of any current vacancies.


Senior Ecologists

Permanent position

Based at Eastbourne office

The Ecology Partnership are currently looking for senior ecologists to join the team on a permanent basis at our head office in Leatherhead, Surrey or based within our smaller Eastbourne office. We are keen to hear from experienced senior level ecologists or experienced consultant level ecologists who are looking to make the next step in their career.

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I love this!

Hand on heart I did not include this kind of motivational positivity in the prompt!

I did describe the room from its pov, so it sometimes refers to books or the rug, or its own self as a small e-ink screen

Tbh I can’t look away. I need to get lunch but it’s compelling & magical

I need a metaphor for our wilful blindness in the face of ecological crisis and the full spectrum ...failure of the media industry.

We can do that. How big do you want it?

So big you can see it from the fucking moon.



The judge's summation after 7x Just Stop Oil supporters were found guilty of ...aggravated trespass is simply extraordinary:

"You should feel guilty for nothing. You should feel proud that you care, have concern for the future."

Read it in full...