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A Protected Species Survey establishes the likely presence or likely absence of a protected species on/or adjacent to a proposed development site.

Protected Species UK

There are some species that have been given special protection through wildlife legislation, as a result of their rarity or due to their population decline or persecution. The presence or potential presence of protected species on a development site, or indeed adjacent to a development site, is a material consideration in the planning process. The Ecology Partnership can complete Protected Species Surveys to establish their likely presence or likely absence on/or adjacent to a proposed development site. A Protected Species Survey is required to support a planning application.

UK Protected Species Legislation

Natural England Standing Advice
Natural England Standing Advice is used by planning authorities to decide if and to what extent a development project affects protected species as well as habitats. This includes both European Protected Species (EPS) and species which are protected under, for example, the Wildlife and Countryside Act. Ancient Woodland habitat as well as other habitats of principle importance, are also considered within standing advice. The Ecology Partnership provides advice on potential developments which ensure that best practice guidance and standing advice are considered within any proposal and master plan.

The Wildlife And Countryside Act
The Wildlife and Countryside Act 1981 provides varying degrees of protection for species of flora and fauna.

The Badgers Act
The Badgers Act 1992 provides comprehensive protection for badgers and their setts, with a requirement that any authorised disturbance or destruction is undertaken under licence.

The Habitats Regulations
The Habitats Regulations 1994 transpose the requirements of the Habitats Directive into national law. The regulations provide protection for European Protected Species (EPS) such as dormice, otters, great crested newts and all UK species of bat and licence certain activities that may affect such species. This legislation also sets out the requirements for assessing plans and projects which may have an effect on European designated sites.

Protected Species List Of Surveys Available

The Ecology Partnership can complete Protected Species Surveys, often required to support planning applications offering a full range of European Protected Species surveys including

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Protected Species

Great crested newts
Barn owls
Otters/Water Voles
Other Mammals

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